Block Wall Inspections

Liability is a real issue for sellers, buyers and insurers. The costs of construction, repairs and renovation are increasing dramatically as owners bring construction lawsuits against the contractors. “Getting what you paid for” is not a new concept, but perspective-building owners are increasingly concerned about the costs, quality and efficiency of their investments.Infrared thermography can be used as a building quality assurance tool during construction, so that repairs can be made without destroying the building or delaying the building process. Since all building materials will absorb, retain, and radiate heat energy at a different rate, building components can be checked for the quality of installation using infrared imaging. For instance, “cinderblock” or CMU (concrete masonry unit) walls are erected on nearly every street corner as malls, schools, warehouses, retail and convenience stores, and more. CMU walls often have rebar and grout-filled cells as a structural component. By allowing the wall to absorb energy during the day and watching the heat energy dissipate at night, the building infrared thermographer can use the “picture” of the heat from the wall, to define exactly where the grouted cells are and where they are missing. Request a quote today!