Energy Loss Inspection

Using our high-resolution cameras we are able to detect energy loss in residential and commercial structures. With everyone becoming more “green” conscious, wasting energy is becoming more and more unacceptable. Also with the rising cost of energy, it is important to efficiently use the resources that we have purchased. Given the season and wind speeds outside a building, the amount of escaping energy can be quite alarming, not to mention they give a structure a drafty feeling.

Our inspector has the knowledge to interpret the data reported by the camera, allowing us to determine such things as missing or improper insulation in walls and ceilings, loose ductwork, or improper weather stripping around windows. Small things such missing insulation around a door can cause large losses of energy. And purchasing and installing energy-efficient windows can often be negated by improper installation techniques, thus making an otherwise quality investment practically worthless.

Having your home or business inspected is a minor investment that can pay dividends for years to come. Once you have the data on where your energy losses are and have them repaired, the cost is almost always recouped in lower energy bills and improved indoor comfort. Why keep losing money through leaky windows and doors? Request a quote today!