Insulated Roofing Inspection

By using thermal imaging we can detect the precise location of the leak. Infrared imaging is a proven method for identifying and defining
moisture problems in your roof. This will enable you to develop a more sophisticated roof asset management program, make more informed decisions regarding roof budgets, and help you plan repairs. By using infrared thermography, we find the trapped moisture and, after verifying with a moisture meter, mark the wet areas on the roof with marking paint so that roof repairs can be made surgically – without the tremendous expense of replacing the entire roof.

Reasons to Have Your Roof Inspected

  • If you are buying a commercial building, part of the inspection process should include an infrared roof scan. A visual inspection of the roof might not “see” any issues, resulting in an expensive repair later at your expense.
  • If you have a roof leak on a new to mid-life flat roof and have been told that a new roof is needed, then call us first for your infrared roof inspection. We may be able to save you a substantial amount of money.
  • If you are taking possession of a new building, it makes sense to perform an infrared roof scan to insure the new roof was installed properly.

At Infra-Image Inspections LLC, we use thermography to inspect flat, low slope roofing in order to document temperature differences on the surface of the roof. The method for these types of inspections is quite simple. During the day the sun’s energy is absorbed into the structure of the roof where it is transferred to the insulation below the top covering and the decking below. Moisture trapped below the surface of the roof retains this heat and is readily visible to an infrared camera at night.

With the cost of flat roofing exceeding, $10.00 per square foot in some cases, it is important to ensure the longevity of your installed roofing. In most cases this inspection can be made for just cents on the dollar when compared to entire roof replacement. The average lifespan of a commercial roof is seven to ten years depending on environment. At Infra-Image Inspections we realize how important a investment your roof is. That is why we offer yearly inspections of roofing to help clients maintain new roofs and catch leaks, oftentimes before they are visible to the occupants below. Regular inspections and maintenance can double this life expectancy.

If you are considering purchase of a commercial property or have been told by a contractor that roof replacement is needed, having a certified thermographer inspect the roof along with other important elements of the building should be a primary concern. Even if the installed roof is new, many times moisture enters during the roofing phase of construction. Once introduced into the structure moisture can remain for a hundred years. Over a period of time this can cause structural failure of the roof system.

At Infra-Image not only do we inspect for this exception, but we also provide a detailed written report including high-resolution pictures. All exceptions noted are verified with a moisture meter while documenting the size and location of these areas and marking with paint. Your roofing contractor can take this report and make surgical removals of these areas eliminating roof leaks and structural rot that may be occurring. Our reports are ASTM certified and are written in easy-to-understand terms. Not only do you receive the written report, but we also include a CD with a copy of the report in PDF format along with all pictures taken during the inspection. Providing this report to your roofing contractor is all you need do to so that he can make the needed repairs.

Choosing an inspection company to perform this inspection is very important. That’s why at Infra-image Inspections our thermographers are trained well above the required standards for roof inspection. Request a quote today!