Using Infrared for Moisture Detection

Many times when moisture enters a structure it enters through the roofing system and migrates its way down until it reaches the lowest level of a structure. By the time it becomes visible, damage has already occurred to the structure. If it is noticed in time, the damage can be minimized to some extent by repairing the leaking building component.

Many buildings are constructed with EIFS (stucco) walls. What happens if the moisture is traveling through a structure such as stucco? The moisture can be present for years without notice, doing major damage to the structure. Even when the leak is found, there is no air movement inside the wall, so the damage will continue because the insulation in the wall is still wet.

At Infra-Image Inspection Service our imagers have the capability of finding these hidden exceptions so that all needed repairs can be accomplished. We do this by imaging the structure in the evening after a warm day. The moisture present inside the wall retains heat to a higher degree than the surrounding insulation. This condition is readily discernible by a trained thermographer.

Once the exceptions (defects) are found and verified with a moisture meter, pictures showing the precise location of the moisture are made. The images are included in a written and bound report which allows you to have only the needed repairs made. This can save very large sums of money when compared with the alternative of complete failure of the effected components.

There have been many instances of buildings being condemned because of structural failure when the outside appearance seemed completely fine. Having your property surveyed by our trained thermographer at least annually or after severe weather makes very good sense. These inspections can be stand-alone or incorporated into any of our other services. Request a quote today!